Are you ready to finally be free?

When trauma has occured, it can trap you.

You want to feel joyous and free, but you’re haunted by your past in ways you can’t understand.

It feels like your world is closing in on you. Your life feels like you’re stuck in perpetual survival mode. Your sleep isn’t sound, you can’t trust people and you are holding onto a negative belief of yourself. Your health and relationships have suffered.  Isolation and avoidance of people, emotions or places that remind you of the trauma are ever-present. You are afraid of intimacy. The world is unsafe and you feel responsible for what happened. Sometimes, it feels like you aren’t even able to be present. You find yourself “checking out” frequently. 


Do you live in a state of constant loneliness or fear?

Perhaps you’ve suffered from a childhood full of abuse and neglect.

You might be a first responder who can’t get that “thing” out of your head. Maybe you’ve lived though the horrors of domestic violence or a sexual assault. It might have been an accident, or you’ve watched in horror and helplessness as soemthing happened to someone else. 

You might be pulling it off, outwardly. You might be showing up for work, raising the kids, doing life. But inside there is a constant, dull dread. 

Sometimes things can get so dark you wonder if this life is worth it. You feel so cut off and unable to connect like you want.

If traumatic injury has “got” you, we can help

I want you to know something: what you’re experiencing is not your fault and it is not your life sentence. A fulfilling life after trauma can be yours, even thought it might seem like you’ve been living this way forever. There is nothing “broken” in you that can’t be healed. Therapy after trauma is an intimate dance between the therapist and yourself. It requires building trust, which can be difficult after you’ve been hurt in relationship.

You can begin to understand how to stay present and tolerate your symptoms. You can learn about your body’s physiological response to perceived danger and how to ride those waves. You can rebuild your life and finally feel peace of mind. Trauma therapy is a completely transformative experience that can finally set you free.

What Could Life Look Like a Year from Now?

What if- in one year from now- you felt whole, peaceful and happy? What if you slept through the night without nightmares? What if you woke up feeling ready for your day instead of full of dread?

What would happen if your relationships were satisfying, intimate and secure? What would life look like if you were fully present? It can be hard to conjure up these sorts of future scenarios, but try, because with focused and measured therapy, this sort of freedom can be felt by you.

Why Work with Me?

In short, because I have been there, I am not there anymore and I can help you.

Look, we are all called to the helping professions for various reasons- normally, something difficult in our lives has inspired us to try to help others. In my case, traumatic experiences led me down a long path of both personal therapy, and education in the art and scienceof psychotherapy. What you will find in me is a warm, engaged and skillful therapist with a breadth of techniques in trauma therapy. I am trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and attachment-based psychotherapy.


Trauma therapy can be useful if:

  • You have survived child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional or neglect- most survivors experience more than one type of abuse)
  • You are a survivor of domestic violence, workplace harassment, cults or sexual assault
  • You have survived a natural disaster or accident, or you have witnessed an accident, act of violence or death
  • You are a first responder (military, police, fire services or EMS)
  • You are haunted by flashbacks, intrusive images or nightmares
  • You go to lengths to avoid reminders of the trauma (including avoiding people, places or thigns that remind you of it)
  • You feel isolated and unable to connect to others fully
  • You are not dependant on alcohol or other substances (substance abuse and/or active addiction will be barriers to any trauma therapy. If you are struggling with addiction, please let me know so that I can help you appropriately).
You Are Ready Now

Are you ready to feel joy, in control and purposeful? Ae you prepared to take massive action working with me side-by-side? Are you ready to finally start living for you?

If you’re ready, I’m waiting for you. 

Connect with me here and let’s start designing your life.