Are you Struggling with Anxiety, Depression or Stress?
If you are feeling overwhelmed, “stressed out”, anxious or depressed, counselling can be an excellent way to start feeling better quickly.


You don’t have to keep your pain bottled up inside, afraid to reach out. Remaining isolated or hoping that you will just feel better one day are blocks to healing.

You might benefit from counselling if one or more of the following feel true for you:
  • You feel like your life is far away from where you would like it to be
  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed out and “over it”
  • You have a nagging worry that you’re just not able to cope; that there is “something wrong with me”
  • You feel sad, cry often or easily and have a hard time getting motivated to do things you once enjoyed
  • You feel stuck and trapped
  • You feel disconnected from others and lonely
  • You worry (and then worry about worrying, and then try to plan the future while worried)
  • You don’t like yourself, let alone love yourself (and wonder if you even CAN love yourself)
  • You feel guilty, like a bad person
  • You are haunted by your past, whether it be your childhood, past abuse or things you’ve done

If you’re thinking, “that’s me!”, I get it. I understand. I know what it is like to feel trapped in your own life. I also know that you’ve probably tried lots of things first to feel better. Whether I am the first person you’ve worked with or the 100th, you never know what will “stick” and I want you to know that there is absolutely hope that things can be better for you.

Counselling can help you understand and heal parts of your life that aren’t working. You can have a great life.

I know that inside of you is a good person- no- a great person! I know that your depression, stress or anxiety aren’t who you are- they are warning signs that you’ve gone too far away from your “core self”. No matter what messages you received in your life, you are worth it!

Counselling with me can help you:
  • Combat depression, reclaim your motivation and establish routines that lead to success and happiness
  • Locate and understand the root causes of your suffering- and then flip the script so you’re not stuck there forever
  • Recognize the warning signs so that you can stop anxiety before it consumes you
  • Develop habits and ways of thinking that bring you lasting peace and control, even when times get tough
  • Process and cope with loss and grief effectively
  • Feel good about yourself and begin to finally treat yourself with some compassion around here!
As your therapist, I take your goals very seriously. I will work with you, nurture your story, validate you and challenge you. Together, we will map out how you’d like things to be and how to get there. I will teach you new ways to care for yourself and to understand who you are. I will provide a safe and welcoming space for you to say the things that have weighed you down for so long.

I know it might seem like a scary and daunting task, but all you have to do is take the first step and the rest of the stairway will reveal itself. If you’re tired of feeling like you should probably go to counselling, you should probably come to counselling.

You don’t have to feel this way Forever
I will be honoured to support and guide you towards to life you deserve. BOOK NOW, CONTACT ME or REQUEST A FREE 10 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION now.