I want to tell you a story about an experience I had that completely changed my life. Years ago, I was in a super low point, and my confidence was about as vibrant a piece of cold, forgotten toast. Despite having once had an incredible and very promising career, at this time, I was blowing every interview I had with impressive speed. In fact, I may or may not have cried during one of my interviews #InterviewTears. I was desperate for change, but felt stuck and helpless.

I found myself working in a job for which I was overqualified and seriously, seriously underpaid. My plan at the time was to stay there, regroup and move on. I just needed something to pay the bills. In reality, what happened was that I kept blowing external interviews, and was passed over not once, not twice, but thrice for promotions at my job.

I felt like I was bashing my head against a brick wall. I could not figure out what the actual hell I was doing wrong. I was positive! I was creative! I was teaching yoga for the staff on Tuesdays for the love of God!

One day, a rumor floated around the office that a promotion was going to be coming up and my heart soared with hope. Within hours, however, I realized that a colleague (a wonderful, incredible and perfect-for-the-job colleague) was already pinned for the gig. I woke up that night at 2:00am with a racing heart. It was literally like in the movies, where the plot line suddenly became crystal clear. I finally woke up to the fact that truly, madly and deeply, I was the MOST unemployable person I knew, and I would never, ever be promoted at this job- or any job- in the future.

I finally realized that I was (and could only ever be), my own boss and I was going to just have to go and promote my own damn self.

Ladies and gentleman, this moment was the birth of Nourish Counselling Services.

Here is what I have to tell you:

I stood trying to bang down a door that was never gonna budge for so damn long that I couldn’t see the glorious, shiny, pink door that had been at my back, wide open and ready for me to sashay my way through it. If you are bashing your fists against a door that just won’t open…

Turn. The. F. Around. Please. For the love of lattes, pumpkin spice and forgiving yoga pants, turn around. Turn around, bright eyes.

There are obstacles that are put in our way that feel insurmountable and relentless. Sometimes they are there for us to climb over and triumph. Sometimes, however, they are gifts from George Michael himself (#faith), forcing us to get a Plan B going and try something new.

I am sitting here, writing you from South Carolina, on a Thursday morning because I turned around. I didn’t ask anyone for time off. I haven’t sat through any soul-destroying staff meetings in months. I did not have to sit through a safety video from 1994 on winter driving, or hand washing this year.  When I get back to my clients next week, I will be working with the most incredible, beautiful and inspiring humans I have ever met.

But for this to happen, I had to turn around. I had to stop trying to make myself something that I wasn’t (in my case, a manager and a rule-follower). I am not telling you to quit your job. I am telling you to quit what is not working, what is not in your true nature and what is holding you back from something far, far better.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever had an experience like this. I read and respond to each comment, so chime in!

May you be happy,