I’m baaa-ck!

I meant to get this out last week, but the holiday madness got the best of me. Between seeing clients and hosting my entire family, I decided to be kind to myself and use my days off as… you know… days off. Though this post is a bit late, you’ll soon see that it’s better late than never when you’re making changes!

Last time we met on this blog, I gave you three ways to begin to make changes for 2018. Today, I am going to give you three more ways to begin to see substantial positive changes in your life by starting some small routines.

4. Set themes for your year:

There is an excellent piece of advice in a book called, “The Compound Effect” by Darryl Hardy that I have been enjoying. In his bestselling book, Hardy suggests breaking your year into quarters and focusing on small action steps each quarter that relate to a change you’d like to see.

Each New Year, I like to review four areas of my life: financial, professional, personal and health. I then pick one or two (max) small changes to make and practice this for 21 days. For each 3-month period, choose a theme (for example, relationships or health). Then, decide on one small change to move you towards that goal. Do it for 21 days, then add another once the 21 days is up. Rinse and repeat. Review at the end of your 3 months.

5. Schedule your year:

This might sound crazy, but it works. Schedule your year! Remember those themes that we spoke about earlier? Block them in. Dedicate “goal reviewing” times. Get a planner (electronic or my personal favourite, the Daily Greatness Journal) and schedule in when you will review your week.

When you commit to scheduling in whatever it is that you’re wanting to take an important role in your life, treat it like a physician’s appointment. Even the act of writing things down makes a powerful statement to yourself that you’re taking this seriously. For example, if self-care is something important to you, schedule in your nail appointments or meditation time.

Make yourself and your life a priority. Schedule it in!

6. Forgive yourself:

If I could leave you with one thing to remember as you move into 2018, it’s to please, please, please be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Forgive yourself for mistakes that you’ve already made. Forgive yourself when you forget to do the 5 other steps in this blog series! Forgive yourself! You are human and part of being human is making mistakes. It is ok. You are ok. If you do just one thing this year, I hope that you treat yourself with the same loving kindness that you would give to an injured child.

Many people think that giving themselves compassion means letting themselves “off the hook”, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! By treating yourself the way that you would treat a friend, you will open up a whole new world where you are able to take risks, meet challenges head on and find peace and happiness.

One of my favourite parts of being a therapist is helping people discover how to use self-compassion in their day-to-day lives. If you’d like to learn how to befriend yourself, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line or click here to book a session.

May you be happy,